Ponderosa Leads

This summer I was blessed to work as a photographer at the legendary Hume Lake. Ponderosa, the high school portion, was where I was located for most of the time. Occasionally I would go up to Wild Wood to get a couple shots of the discipleship camp. Towards the end of the summer, the Ponderosa Leads wanted to do a mini photo shoot not far from Hume in princess meadows. This is also one of the locations that I took Miles & Dyanna for their engagement shoot.(See Miles and Dyanna Post) While I was there with the Ponderosa Leads, I was able to use a tilt shift lens for the first time. The photographs that follow were for the most part taken with the tilt shift lens. It was a hoot. This was definitely a summer I will never forget. If you ever get a chance to go up to Hume Lake and wander around, I would recommend stopping through princess meadows also.
IMG_0079 IMG_0202 IMG_0213 IMG_0224 IMG_0232IMG_0273IMG_0249 IMG_0277 IMG_0283 IMG_0300 IMG_0335

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