The Paschalls

If you are to every desire to model your family after another, this would be the one to follow. It is not because of perfection, but because of love. From the first second you are around this family you can see and feel the love of Christ overflowing out of them. This is not something that is coming from a desire to gain anything from anyone else, but just to follow after Christ and show his love to others. We love because God first loved us. I always love getting to spend time around this family and it was so much fun to be able to take their family portraits last week. I hope you all enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.
IMG_0423 2 IMG_0500 2 IMG_0507 2 IMG_0746 2 IMG_0884 2 IMG_0715 2 IMG_0679 2 IMG_0653 2 IMG_0596 2 IMG_0566 2 IMG_0781 2 IMG_0928 2 IMG_0988 2 IMG_0393 2 IMG_0382 2 IMG_0377 2

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